4th Transnational Seminar

21 June, 2011 - 09:00 - 12:30
Debrecen, Hungary

Venue: University of Debrecen Technology Transfer Office (H-4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 98., Elmeleti tomb 1st floor)

The 4th transnational seminar was organized in the framework of the closing project meeting.

During the first session the work package coordinators introduced the main project outputs and achievements to the regional audience.

WP 3 Transnational inventory of research bodies: Tamás Bene presented the online transnational database (www.researchdirectory.eu) and introduced the main functions, tools, search tools, and advantages of the website. The audience gained insight into the planning and the implementation of the data collection process as well.

WP4 Introducing a service, building a system: Danica Svetec explained the idea behind the Innovation System and Services Guidebooks and introduced a good practice from each country. The participants got hard copies from each guidebook.

WP5 Network and training of "mediators of innovation": Svenja Pokorny talked about the role and importance of the innovation mediators in the knowledge transfer between RTD centres and entrepreneurs. She introduced the main topics of the training guide and said some words about the trainings that have been already held.

WP6 Various tools for connecting research and enterprises: Miklós Marián presented further tools for connecting researchers and entrepreneurs. Newsletters, feasibility studies and technology transfer days have been strengthening the linkage between academia and business.

In the second the international project partners learned about the R&D&I activates of Region Észak-Alföld and Dél-Alföld. Norbert Grasselli presented the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Region Észak-Alföld. Adrienn Bálintné Papp introduced the ABCEurope project which aims to promote and enhance partnerships between European biotech clusters and their companies. Finally Sándor Lakó illustrated the linkage of creativity and innovation via examples from the Region Dél-Alföld.



Transnational seminar