Municipality of Velenje (SI)

Titov trg 1
SI-3320 Velenje

Mr. Rok Matjaž

Velenje is the fifth largest city in Slovenia in terms of population. It is the economic, administrative, political, educational, cultural and commercial centre of the Savinjska-Mayors And Corporate Services; Department of Works and Services; Department of Social Services; Department of Economy and Finance; Department of Environment and Spatial Planning; Department of Housing; Internal Audit Services and Inspection Services. Current number of employees at Municipality is 100 people. Vision of development and growth of Municipality of Velenje until 2025: The Municipality of Velenje will be decorated with developed economy, based on the innovation of highly skilled professionals, particularly in the area of research, design and modern technologies which will be primarily environmentally and energy friendly.

Main activities
Within duties and interests as self-governing local community Municipality Velenje carries out administrative, professional and organizing duties in areas defined with law, municipal charter, decrees and local community acts. Municipality Velenje participates in preparation of local development plans and project councils for local programmes. Alongside matters of common concern, Municipality Velenje performs duties defined by national laws.

• regulatory resolution of matters of local common concern
• enabling conditions for economic development
• project management (planning and guiding project processes from start to finish)
• development of the programs, basing on natural and historical heritage and development of tourism in rural area near the city
• assuring and promoting education, health care and pharmacy services
• promoting social services, preschool care, primary care for children, families, materially deprived, disabled and elder people
• promoting research, cultural and society activities
• developing sport and recreation
• concern for air, soil, water resources, noise protection, refuse collection and disposal and other environmental protection activities

Fields of interest
• Economic
• Education
• Culture
• Environment
• Energy efficiency
• Sport
• Tourism