Centuria RIT (IT)

Via Dell'Arrigoni 60
47023 Cesena (FC)

Ms. Alessandra Folli

Centuria RIT - Romagna Innovazione Tecnologia is a Consortium composed by over 60 Associates, including enterprises, Public Administrations, Trade Associations, Chamber of Commerce and Banks. Centuria RIT is the Romagna Science and Technology Park, recognized as “Innovation Centre” by the Region Emilia-Romagna. 

The mission of Centuria RIT is to promote the Associates’ development and the growth of the whole area of Romagna through technological and organizing innovation, in particular in agrofood and manufacturing sectors. Centuria RIT creates a link between local enterprises, research institutions and funding agencies, promoting and managing technology transfer projects in collaboration with Universities and Research Centres.

Main activities
Centuria RIT also provides advanced services, information and assistance for the development of innovation to enterprises and local bodies:
• Newsletters
• Patent Monitoring
• Technology Transfer
• Organization of meetings and seminars
• Territory Marketing

As regards the projects and consultancies:
• Project planning and management
• Research of funds and partners
• Management of intangibles assets
• Studies and analysis
• Assistance to start-up
• Business Planning

• To promote the innovation development
• To support the competitiveness of the partners and the regional development
• To stimulate the exchange ideas and technology transfer
• To create contacts among entrepreneurships, institutions and University

Fields of interest
The activities of Centuria RIT focus on these technological needs:
• agro-food (Innovation of products and services, Packaging, Traceability systems, New ingredients, fortified food, technologies for food security, ICT technologies, Valorization of refuse and by-products
• mechatronics (New materials, Processes’ optimiza-tion, Control’ system and sensors,
• environment/energy (Biomasses, Agro energetic regional districts)