Amitié (IT)

Via val d'Aposa 3
40123 Bologna

Mr. Pier Giacomo Sola

Amitié is an Italian research centre, focusing on education and training.  It has a long and positive track record of working with local, regional and national authorities, including the Ministry of University and Research and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

Amitié was created in 1991 as a sector-based University-Enterprise Partnership within the framework of the Comett Programme, with the objective to promote training activities in software and information technology. It has a wide experience in European collaboration in the framework of education and training, in co-ordinating trans-national working groups and disseminating and valorising research’s outputs. Its activities mainly focus in: cultural sector, use of IT in education and training, social inclusion and support to local development. Since its creation, Amitié has promoted numerous European projects and it takes part in several European networks.

Main activities
• Research in the field of new methodologies of learning and in the labour market
• Project Management
• Dissemination and promotion initiatives
• Pilot training activities

The objective of Amitié is to stimulate the innovation process within the labour market and to promote education and training using new technologies in order to: 
• encourage the qualification and the updating of skills for citizens and workers (lifelong learning)
• support the access of young people and adults to the labour market
• promote social inclusion
• fight digital divide
• support innovative actions within e-Learning
• carry out researches to promote innovation of educational and training processes

Fields of interest
The main development areas of Amitié are the following:
• cultural heritage
• methodologies for education
• social policies
• territorial development
• services for SMEs