Klimentovska PLC (CZ)

Klimentov 147
354 71 Velká Hled'sebe

Mr. RNDr. Jiří Bytel

The Klimentovská a.s. company was founded, apart from other things, also for the purpose of development, execution and subsequent management of regeneration of the former military barracks site on the 9th of April 2008.
The Klimentovská a.s. as the Promoter is fully owned (100%) by the Municipality of Velká Hleďsebe as the Borrower.

Main activities:
Care for administration, regeneration, comprehensive development and rendition of services in the territory of the Municipality of Velká Hleďsebe, as well as parts of the munucipality (cadastral area of Klimentov, cadastral area of Malá Hleďsebe and cadastral area of Velká Hleďsebe).

• Initiation of an economic and social revival of the municipality and the region, developmental activities such as educational and training efforts, research activities, culture of housing, development of tourism and development of public and private services through an efficient use of the area of a former military site.
• Contribute to improve competitiveness of the investment environment in the economically weak region, establishment of prerequisites for creation of new jobs, and namely to a continuos sustainable development in the Czech Republic through regeneration of unused real estate.
• Construction of the buildings and infrastructure, necessary for the creation of Research, Science and Technology Park, including experimental and development laboratories, premises for the innovative, consulting and service-providing enterprises („spin-off”).

Fields of interest:
Regeneration of the Military Site in the Municipality of Velká Hleďsebe, which will divide the site into four general areas for future use:
• business zone - Technopark Klimentov
• housing
• services area:
- commercial (a cinema, a theatre, an entertainment centre etc.)
- social (education and training, medical services etc.)
• recreational greenery zone