Technology Transfer Day in Italy

18 February, 2011 - 09:00 - 12:30
Ravenna, Italy

The 18th February 2011 Centuria RIT e Amitié supported by the Regional Innovation Agency Aster and the Province of Ravenna organised a Technology Transfer day dedicated to energy saving and renewable energy sources, "Technology For energy". The event was organised in the framework of the national Energy Saving Day - "I will use less light”, promoted by the the public state hold broadcaster Radio 2.

During the seminar, technical profiles were show-cased: laboratories, technologies and know-how. Every speakers had 10 minutes to illustrate his/her work (for details see agenda).

 Furthemore, the "offered"research opportunities, results and technologies were published in a catalogue for technology end-users like industry (see annex).

We would like to mention  the presetation of National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environmental Sustainable Development (short: ENEA): they participated to the event with the presentaion of LAMP. A project particularly in line with the topic of the TTDay: energy saving.

LAMP stand for LAser induced synthesis of polymeric nanocomposite materials and development of Micro-Patterned hybrid light emitting dioded (LED) and transistors (LET). The outputs and especially the devices (OLED - light emitting devices organic and solid-state lamps) compared to the conventional bulbs need much less energy.

Furthemore this generation of lamps has a lower environmental impact. They can be recycled bedause hazardous material free (see photos).

Technology transfer day
Technology transfer day Ravenna
Technology transfer day Ravenna
Technology transfer day Ravenna
Technology transfer day Ravenna
Technology transfer day Ravenna