WP5 - Training course Velenje (SI): Training of Innovation Mediators

3 March, 2011 (All day) - 24 March, 2011 (All day)
Velenje, Slovenia

The interest in the innovation mediator training of the Municipality of Velenje arises out of a recognition, that there is a strong need in the regional business for such kind of knowledge and skills in order to boost innovation. The innovation mediator training stimulates the flow of knowledge form research to enterprise and enable enterprises to manage this knowledge. The participants of the innovation mediator training get basic knowledge and skills necessary for knowledge and innovative management.

The goals of the training course were to improve innovation transfer from research institutions to business companies, to enhance the internal innovation capabilities of companies, to increase the knowledge and use of different regional, national and EU-level innovation systems and services available and to increase the knowledge about patents and patenting procedures to protect inventor’s intellectual rights.

The training course consisted of the 7 training modules and an introductory
session as well as a concluding session. The timeframe was 96 hours of training. The schedule was the following:

0. Introduction 6 hours
1. Management of communication, information and networking 12 hours
2. Understanding of right of intellectual property and licensing 12 hours
3. Marketing activities and markets 12 hours
4. Development of spin-off 12 hours
5. Negotiations 12 hours
6. Project management 12 hours

7. Analysis of information – innovation systems and services 12 hours
8. Concluding session 6 hours
Total: 96 hours


Training programme
Photo 1 - Training course Participants
Photo 2 - Training course lecture
Photo 3 - Training course lecture
Photo 3 - Training course lecture