Study on market potential of fuzzy applications related to the inspection of big infrastructures


The document provides an analysis of systems and procedures for the diagnostic investigation and inspection of civilian infrastructure, which aims to highlight the main features and to investigate the possibility of introducing innovative methods of intervention, namely the use of inspection arrangements controlled by using a fuzzy guidance system.

The study shows that the techniques used provide that the inspections are carried out by specialists, usually with the use of specific equipment - by bridge. These techniques are expensive, they expose workers to risks, and in certain cases they do not produce accurate and quantitatively significant data. The use of drones controlled by fuzzy logic and equipped with appropriate sensors and recovery devices may represent a significant innovation, especially in a logic of complementarity to current methodologies, in terms of simplification, cost reduction and less invasive intervention.

It was decided to carry out this study to highlight the possibility of reducing the cost of operations, as at the moment the inspection is carried out using specific equipment - by bridge, expensive technologies. It is also possible to make rapid interventions, as the scaffolding can be removed, and to avoid significant risk to operators.