The use of internet by cosmetic companies


The study provides an analysis of the current directions for use the Internet channel by cosmetics companies in Italy, and of the main trends. The aim is to highlight the potential of this instrument for a more innovative approach to the market by the companies of this field. The analysis shows that the potential of the network are still little exploited to this day.

Although, in fact, the majority of operators have a website, it is often merely a showcase for their products, while it is use hardly anything as a tool for e-commerce. The approach to Internet is still unstructured, as evidenced by the lack of updating and of internal resources dedicated to the management of sites. Even if on the one hand the mistrust of the consumer of buying on-line (payments, inability to try the product, delivery time, etc..) creates an “obstacle”, on the other hand the analysis highlights that a very innovative and competitive strategy joins the social media and social retailing, through which manufacturers can create, around their brand, the community of users/customers.

To face the problems of e-commerce and seize market opportunities, it is necessary to invest in marketing and promotion, and to improve, constantly, the customer service. The study is complemented by a high-level examination of the sites of some of the most important player in the Italian cosmetics industry, in order to analyze the approach to internet.

This study has provided also a framework of existing national and EU legislation of cosmetic industry, and the new EU Regulation that will come into force in all Member States by 2013.