New procedures to prepare meat products


The main objective of this study is to provide an analysis to increase the consumption of meat PGI of White Beef of the Italian Central Apennines, through the involvement of new groups of consumers and new market areas. The biggest limitation to the enhancement and appreciation of the meat is given by the extreme diversity of value that exists between the hindquarters and forequarters. The first, in fact, represent about 50% of the weight, but 80% of the value of a carcass.

To solve this problem it is necessary to prepare innovative products that make the most of the cuts even less valuable, and it is also necessary to identify new commercial channels to increase the value of these products, in order to improve the market of beef PGI in our region.

The study include a possible plan of action to increase the consumption of the innovative products, defining the procedures necessary to obtain the expected results: -Market analysis of meat in Italy and abroad; -Focus on consumption of meat (channel Ho.Re.Ca); -Analysis of quality attributes perceived by consumers; -Definition of the characteristics of innovative products; -Development of testing products; Definition of product placement; -Participation in a fair; -Format test and consumer test; -Processing data.