Regional Seminar in Hungary

31 March, 2011 - 09:00 - 17:30
Kecskemét, Hungary

Under the CE project FREE, the Multipurpose Union of Kecskemét and its Region undertook the organization of two regional seminars and one technology transfer day. We wanted to put a particular emphasis on our events so that the messages, recognitions expressed during the project reach out broader audience. Therefore also in terms of reaching people living in distant settlements, we felt it appropriate to organize the regional seminar and technology transfer day falling within the fifth reporting period, cumulatively at the same day.
The regional seminar and the technology transfer day were held under the title of Design and Innovation Conference in Kecskemét at the House of Science and Technology on the 31st of March in 2011 during the Kecskemét Spring Festival. The date was chosen also from the fact that at this time the city gets more attention, with Kecskemét related messages are more emphatic, thus it is easier to call potential visitors to Kecskemét. The conference was intended to be a kind of door opening towards for modern business opportunities. Presentation of enterprises, service providers and case studies was also part of the conference. We undertook to inform authentically and with high-quality of today's dynamic markets and new developing business opportunities which motivates and establishes strategic steps in the domestic firms. We interpreted our task as a form of innovation mediation.

Regional seminar