Multipurpose Union of Kecskemét and its Region (HU)

Kossuth tér 1.
H-6000 Kecskemét


Mr. Sándor Lakó

The Multipurpose Union of Kecskemét and its Region (MUKR) was founded on the 30th of June, 2004, as a separate legal entity. The Union consists of 18 settlements, with a growing population of about 180.000 people, having a University College of 6000 students. Due to its favourable geographical location the area has become a target territory of industrial investments. According to this remarkable industrial development the MUKR has decided to create its Economy Development Group with 10 employees In the last decades the area of MUKR has flared to an important industrial centre, supported by the competences of Kecskemét University College. The development can be represented by international firms such as for example HILTI and the recent investment of the Daimler AG.

Main activities
• To ensure organizational frame for the association and cooperation system of the participant settlements.
• Integration of the regional institutional system.
• Coordinated development of the region, preparation and implementation of development plans, programmes and competitions.
• Participation in cooperation projects.

• Develop common programmes in various rural areas.
• Promote and coordinate the development of the associated municipalities based on mutual interests.
• Raise a common fund to carry out development projects also in the fields of industry and technological innovation.
• Provide qualitative services mainly in the innovation management and analysis of marketing-economy.

Fields of interest
• Technological innovation
• Market oriented research and development
• Technology and product innovation for suppliers
• Research on economy for SME networks and managing SME networks
• IT based economy development
• Development of IT-based service centers